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Siu Nim Tau – Section 3

28th March 2018 - blog

Welcome back to the HVT Blog where we have been looking at the Siu Nim Tau form. Thank you for subscribing and please keep sharing with your fellow students and Wing Chun practitioners. Sibak Gung Cliff Au Yeung has said to me many times that in…

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Siu Nim Tau – Section 2

19th March 2018 - blog

Greetings! This is my second post on the Siu Nim Tau form. Remember that from my last post I mentioned that at Havant VT, we follow the Wong Shun Leung Cliff Au Yeung VT method , this means that we split the form into four…

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Siu Nim Tau – Section 1

12th March 2018 - blog

Welcome to my second post, where we will discuss the Mother Form – Siu Nim Tau At Havant Wing Chun we see Siu Nim Tau as teaching us the following key points: Hands/Body position Know your border Stepping lines Daan Chi Sau actions Simple Hands…

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