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Havant Wing Chun – The Sifu Cliff Connection.

23rd May 2018 - blog

Welcome to the HVT Blog. This weeks post is a “brief history” on how Havant Wing Chun was formed and how we became involved with the Sifu Cliff way! The Beginning of HVT Havant Wing Chun began life as a one night a week class…

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The Most Boring Question in Wing Chun. PART 2.

9th May 2018 - blog

Part Two – Self Defence “Combatives represents a physical manifestation of force — a sledgehammer, not a jeweler’s mallet. Combatives is sometimes denigrated as ‘too basic’ by martial recreationalists because of the simplicity and the intentionally limited number of techniques. Kelly Mcann – Black Belt…

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and as per Goverment guidelines classes will be suspended until further notice.