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Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop 2015 DAY 1 – A review.

4th June 2018 - blog -

In celebration of the return of Sifu Cliff to the UK (full details at end of this post) I thought I would review the workshops of previous years. Hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to get your tickets for this years event!

Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop 2015 DAY 1 – A review.

The year was 2015 and the date was set for the first visit of Sifu Cliff to the UK since 2012. This visit was the culmination of many late night chats and discussions between myself and Sifu Asiatic from Toronto, Canada. As I said in the last post, I had come to know my Sisook Asiatic after I discovered his training videos with his Sifu on YouTube. We became Facebook friends and it wasn’t long before the first HVT organised Sifu Cliff Workshop was booked and ready.

The chosen subject for 2015’s workshop was decided to be Body Force and Sifu Cliff began with a short lecture regarding science and physics behind his Body Force method and how gaining force from the ground simply means that as the incoming force hits the ground, it will immediately give back the equal and opposite force. Sifu Cliff went on to explain the process of delivering your own force up from the ground, but at the same time directing your opponents force to the ground, providing much more power than simply just the arms.

This idea was drilled against large kick pads with a focus on isolating the arms to prevent them from drawing back before striking. We first used a palm strike to push into the pad, progressing onto using the same concept with a strike, culminating with using first the strike followed by a secondary push.


The next subject was The Five Bows. These are likened to having two springs in the knees, two springs in the elbows (arms) and a big spring in the body (waist). Sifu Cliff explained that this is not just a Wing Chun concept but is prevalent in all Chinese Martial Arts. These springs should be flexible. If you have stiff bows in the arms then you will only be able to release the force using the shoulder. It may be good for protection but doesn’t allow you to absorb and give out forces.

Sifu Cliff then went on to show us how to test these theories buy using various Body Force tests from the Siu Nim Tau form.


Sifu Cliff then talked about how we should aim to use the internal and external oblique muscles to provide torque and gain force. We do this by bringing the elbow to the waist as it travels down an invisible line to work alongside the obliques. This is part of the midway theory.

An analogy that Sifu Cliff used that day has stuck with me and went something like this:

Imagine that you are wearing a big coat and you use the above process, if done small enough you wouldn’t see it being used beneath the coat. The same is true when doing the same under the skin. This is the definition of internal training. It is a tiny movement that seems to the onlooker that nothing has changed, but it causes a big reaction.”

So I hope you can see that the Sifu Cliff Workshops are full of a combination of lecture, demonstrations and practical drills with constant drilling and refining of the techniques.

If you would like to attend this years Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop please find the details below, or join our Facebook group and events pages for updates and exclusive videos.



Havant Wing Chun in association with The Wing Chun Federation will be hosting Sifu Cliff Au Yeung for a two day workshop on the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Training Method. Details on exact content will be finalised soon. 


(payment via Paypal, bank transfer or cash – message or email for details)


Places ARE LIMITED and will only be secured by full payment and are on a first come first served basis.

27th and 28Th October 2018. Arrive early from 9:30am for signing in as there will be a prompt start at 10am.

If you know someone who may like to attend you will need to email me (Jim Woodcock) at – 07758 117905 – or contact me via Facebook.


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