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Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop 2015 DAY 2 – A review.

9th July 2018 - blog -

Welcome to my second post where I have been reviewing the previous visits from our Sibak Gung Cliff. This week we look at day 2 of the 2015 Workshop.

Sifu Cliff Au Yeung Workshop 2015 DAY 2 – A review.

Day 2 started with a recap on the previous days study. Sifu Cliff went into more details regarding how the same force system is used whether you are striking, pushing or using a combination of the two. He also explained that when using both pushing and striking you should set yourself two targets one at the opponent and the other further away. The resistant force felt when contact is made should come to the back of the spine.



One of the great things about Sifu Cliff’s Workshop style is that it is a good mix of technical lecture, demonstration and practical application. Everyone has the chance to practice each exercise plenty of times before we are moved on to the next subject. Also Sifu Cliff does his best to touch hands with as many people as he can, and actively invites all students to be part of each demonstration. By doing this you can they convey to your fellow students what is was that you felt.

So after we all spent plenty of time practising the ideas given above, we moved on to using the shoulder as a way of striking when in close range. Sifu Cliff demonstrated how to use the front, side and back of the shoulder as a weapon, all the time using the same force system. The take away point of this part for me was understanding that you must always release the force out of the hands and not keep it locked up in the arms or body.


Other Body Force methods were explored as well on Day 2, such as using leverage and the Jaat sau movement from Siu Nim Tau to easily break someone’s structure. Sifu Cliff reiterated the idea of letting your opponent into your area of power as opposed to reaching out of your own structure in an attempt to hit your opponents head at full height.

In the last part of the workshop we explored ideas on using Wu Sau. Sifu Cliff showed us how by shutting off one side of the completely with your Bong Sau, you force your opponent to have to attack on one side only, so as you know he has to attack on this side, you can safely defend with your Wu Sau without thinking, you just react. He also spoke of the importance of using the full action of the Bong Sau. An analogy used by Sifu Cliff in this segment was that Wu Sau acts like a warriors shield, leaving your other side to attack. I now use this in class all the time! A smaller person can also use the high Guard Hand to engage the enemy, this will leave them in a better position to attack in range, with good structure. This use of the Wu Sau can be a strike in its own, so after you have deflected the attack, the elbow of the Wu Sau can continue to attack to your opponents chest area.


If you’ve nevver been to a Sifu Cliff UK workshop then you are really missing out. Not only do we have Sifu Cliff on hand to give us his unique understanding of the Wong Shun Leung way, but we also have many high level Sifu’s from the Wing Chun Federation and other UK clubs. The atmosphere is amazing with everyone helping out and lending a (sticky) hand.

See below for how you can attend this years workshop in October!

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Havant Wing Chun in association with The Wing Chun Federation will be hosting Sifu Cliff Au Yeung for a two day workshop on the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Training Method. Details on exact content will be finalised soon.

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