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Havant Wing Chun – The Sifu Cliff Connection.

23rd May 2018 - blog

Welcome to the HVT Blog. This weeks post is a “brief history” on how Havant Wing Chun was formed and how we became involved with the Sifu Cliff way! The Beginning of HVT Havant Wing Chun began life as a one night a week class…

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The Most Boring Question in Wing Chun. PART 2.

9th May 2018 - blog

Part Two – Self Defence “Combatives represents a physical manifestation of force — a sledgehammer, not a jeweler’s mallet. Combatives is sometimes denigrated as ‘too basic’ by martial recreationalists because of the simplicity and the intentionally limited number of techniques. Kelly Mcann – Black Belt…

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The Most Boring Question in Wing Chun? Part ONE

23rd April 2018 - blog

Part One – Is Wing Chun for Sport? You must have been there, at a seminar, workshop or maybe in class, when a hand goes up and the inevitable question is asked…. “Why isn’t there any Wing Chun in MMA?” On the surface it’s a…

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Siu Nim Tau Section 4

12th April 2018 - blog

Welcome back to the HVT Blog and the final post regarding the Siu Nim Tau form. Before I continue I would just like to raise a point on the English, Cantonese translations being used throughout this blog. I understand that my English may not translate…

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Siu Nim Tau – Section 3

28th March 2018 - blog

Welcome back to the HVT Blog where we have been looking at the Siu Nim Tau form. Thank you for subscribing and please keep sharing with your fellow students and Wing Chun practitioners. Sibak Gung Cliff Au Yeung has said to me many times that in…

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Siu Nim Tau – Section 2

19th March 2018 - blog

Greetings! This is my second post on the Siu Nim Tau form. Remember that from my last post I mentioned that at Havant VT, we follow the Wong Shun Leung Cliff Au Yeung VT method , this means that we split the form into four…

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Siu Nim Tau – Section 1

12th March 2018 - blog

Welcome to my second post, where we will discuss the Mother Form – Siu Nim Tau At Havant Wing Chun we see Siu Nim Tau as teaching us the following key points: Hands/Body position Know your border Stepping lines Daan Chi Sau actions Simple Hands…

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Welcome to the HVT Blog!

26th February 2018 - blog

If you would like to subscribe to my blog, please scroll down to bottom of page an enter your email address. You will then in get a confirmation email. The reason I have started this blog is too share my understandings of the Wing Chun…

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